Data Diagnostics®

in the Point-of-Care Workflow


Making informed decisions at the point of care is important for physicians/clinicians to provide the most appropriate care for their patients. Clinicians have dual challenges: to deliver high quality care in an increasingly complex healthcare environment, and increasingly be mindful of factors impacting performance goals such as utilization efficiency, objective metrics, and healthcare economics. Data Diagnostics® enables clinicians to more readily gain insight into their patients in ways that empower them to save time, improve care, and achieve critical metrics that impact their financial performance.


Data Diagnostics® supports the goal of patients receiving superior quality care, decreased costs through minimizing duplicated or unnecessary testing, and a clinician more informed of the comprehensive medical history.

Healthcare Organizations

Data Diagnostics® supports health plans, accountable care organizations (ACOs), hospitals, integrated care delivery systems, and physician organizations who are engaged in capitated, shared-risk, and other value-based arrangements to achieve and benefit from superior quality scores, comprehensive and accurate risk score data, improved utilization efficiency, and greater coordination of care.


Using Data Diagnostics®, researchers and pharmaceutical companies can specify the eligibility criteria for specific clinical trials or studies. The Data Diagnostics® platform would return in real-time the indicators of eligibility, such as patient history, age, laboratory profile and medication, along with other pertinent information, such as contact information.